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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission of Master in Disaster Science Program


Become an innovative, independent and leading study program in Southeast Asia in 2026 in efforts to reduce disaster risk through education, research and community service activities.


  1. Produce science masters who have the potential in the field of multidisciplinary disaster management and have long life learning insight.
  2. Produce research products and community services in the field of disaster that is of high quality and published nationally and internationally.
  3. Collaborating with various parties that support the improvement of graduate competencies and the availability of resources power.

Educational Goals

  1. Produce Masters of Science who have competencies in the field of disaster management.
  2. Improve government and community capacity and participation based on disaster risk reduction.
  3. Produce researchers and practitioners in the field of disaster.
  4. Produce national and international disaster scientific publications.

New Student Admission Schedule

Registration for a freshman in academic year 2020/2021 from 11 to 22 January 2020. The registration mechanism is as follows.

  1. Paying the Registration Fee (to obtain the Registration PIN number) at Bank Mandiri (host to host without an account number) with the payment type Master Program
  2. Fill out and print the online registration form available on the web:
  3. Submit the Registration Form to the New Student Admissions Committee Secretariat (Building A Lt. 2) Master Program at Syiah Kuala University along with the complete files:
    • Bank receipt Registration Fee;
    • Photocopy of a Bachelor / Master's diploma legalized (show original documents);
    • Photocopy of Transcript of Legalized Value (show original document);
    • Photocopy of original Study Program Accreditation;
    • Color photograph sized 3x4 cm and 4x6 cm 3 pieces each;
    • Health Certificate from a Government Hospital;
    • Letter of Permit from superiors (for employees/employees);
    • Letter of Recommendation from 2 Senior Experts (Lecturers / Superiors); and
    • Letter of Study Fee Capability (Rp. 6,000 stamp/ material 6000).
    • Take an Exam Card at the Secretariat

Selection Method:

  • [Without Test] submit BAPPENAS TPA Value and ITP TOEFL Value
  • [Test] Participates in the Entrance Examination at the Postgraduate Building

Announcement of new Student Graduation can be seen on the official website at: or , and for further information you can contact the Postgraduate Program ( ) and related Faculties / Study Programs (the contact is available on the website).

To simplify the registration process, please follow the instructions in the new student admission guide.